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The re60 is the newest addition to the RION family.

The entry-level re60 is built on the new RION modular platform, upgrading core components that allow power and speed to increase alongside your skill and desire for more.

  • Composites body and front fender (carbon fiber and glass fiber)

  • Sub aluminum front and rear arms

  • Dual motors

  • Dual 160 amps programmable controllers

  • 79.8V (fully charged) lithium battery 18ah 21700 cells

  • Carbon fiber pole

  • Carbon fiber handlebar

  • Pmt slick tires

  • Magura mt7 4 pistons calipers

  • 10 amps charger

  • Top speed 60 mph

  • Available at black matte arms and neck and matte clear coat

  • Production time is 90 days

  • $3,900.00 + Shipping

DDualtron Thunder X Rion RE60 RACE - Two fast electric scooters race, which one will win?
By Alien Rides